Future Deep Dive #1 - Future Scenarios and Strategic Design

In this Future Deep Dive - Future Scenarios and Strategic Design (pdf) we will develop a two days Scenario Planning project for your company with a specific Strategic Focus and Time Horizon aiming to improve the capability of your organisation to think about trends, weak signals or critical uncertainties and use these as inputs to identify new opportunities and face critical challenges.


Although in a “fast-forward” way we want all the participants to understand how and why is so important and powerful to explore and act on the future. You will be able to understand the key concepts of Foresight, and start mastering some of the critical skills of a Futurist.

The Deep Dive will follow the futures framework “Scanning, Sensing and Acting”, starting with the design of the process and the key decisions to be made in order to make it useful. From the definition of the Strategic Focus & Time Horizon, going through the different Scanning stages and the construction of a “Scanning Dashboard”, we will identify and explore Megatrends, Trends, Weak Signals, Wildcards & Critical Uncertainties. From here you will be able learn how to design a fit-for-purpose Scenario Planning project and then make a strategic analysis of those possible futures.

In order to make the process more fluid, and also facilitate and accelerate the strategic conversations, we open the Deep Dive with the keynote "A Future(s) Landscape: How to Anticipate and Explore the Future".

If you are interested in booking a Future Deep Dive just download the presentation or contact us (info@ifforesight.com).