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We developed a powerful and flexible strategic foresight framework for organisations to think and act on the future: SCANNING, SENSING AND ACTING ©.

Our tools result in a visible change in business and organizational behavior. These tools and approaches are accessible, with a clear and simple structure, highly engaging, actionable and inspiring innovative thinking in the organization. ​We believe that we have the best tools and methods to help people and organisations to think and act on the future.


This framework includes the building of a Scanning Dashboard with all the driving forces of change (megatrends, weak signals, wild cards and uncertainties), the sense making of those drivers through foresight tools and methods (scenarios and systems maps), and the capability of translating and using all that knowledge and insights into the strategy and innovation processes of the company (innovation labs, strategic design tools or new business modelling).

This framework is the backbone of our consulting projects and also the way we design executive programs (we invite you to explore the program "Futures, Strategic Design and Innovation" at IDEFE/ISEG).

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