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Future Deep Dives

Future Deep Dives gives the opportunity for your organization to engage in a Scenario Planning and Strategic Agility project, using our Futures Framework “Scanning, Sensing and Acting”, starting with the design of the process and the key decisions to be made in order to make it useful. 

From the definition of the Strategic Focus & Time Horizon, going through the different Scanning stages and the construction of a “Scanning Dashboard”, we will identify and explore Megatrends, Trends, Weak Signals, Wildcards & Critical Uncertainties. 

From here you will be able learn how to design a fit-for-purpose Scenario Planning project and then prepare for action, which includes Exploring and Probing Strategic Options and Responses. This stage can include the exploration of strategic decisions and the use of a “Business Models Playbox” to test alternative options, and the design of a “Strategic and Technological Roadmap” for the future of the company. We will use this Roadmap as a Strategic Platform to explore and make sense of new challenges and opportunities.We also offer companies the possibiity to explore what we call a Fast-Forward Future Deep Dives, allowing them to update their traditional strategy processes to ensure more robust, flexible, and agile strategies.



Please Download the Flyer here or below.

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