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Horizon Scanning & Strategic Intelligence

Scanning for Megatrends, Trends, Weak Signals, Uncertainties or Wild Cards are ways of making sense of change and a powerful ignition for identifying, structuring and understanding changes in the business and global environments.

We strongly believe that we can improve the competitive positioning of organizations and use these as inputs to identify new growth opportunities, foster strategic agility, and design innovation strategies and projects.

Scanning in strategic foresight means the capability to capture, identify, categorize and make sense of a multitude of drivers of change, insights or signals that can be relevant when we explore the future of a specific topic or issue. 

Some of these elements can be megatrends or more specific trends; others can be weak signals or early warnings, others can be wildcards or black swans, and others can be critical uncertainties that can be used as inputs to build and explore scenarios.

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Megatrends Zoom-Ins

When considering the future, we need to identify and explore large-scale, long-term shifts that significantly impact societies, economies, and cultures. 

Our Megatrends Dashboards highlight these phenomena and allows our clients to create a basis and a tool for strategic conversations that promotes a zoom-in of those massive changes from their specific perspective.

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Scenario Planning & Strategic Agility 

Future Deep Dives gives the opportunity for your organization to engage in a Scenario Planning and Strategic Agility project, using our Futures Framework “Scanning, Sensing and Acting”, starting with the design of the process and the key decisions to be made in order to make it useful. 

From the definition of the Strategic Focus & Time Horizon, going through the different Scanning stages and the construction of a “Scanning Dashboard”, we will identify and explore Megatrends, Trends, Weak Signals, Wildcards & Critical Uncertainties. 

From here you will be able learn how to design a fit-for-purpose Scenario Planning project and then prepare for action, which includes Exploring and Probing Strategic Options and Responses. This stage can include the exploration of strategic decisions and the use of a “Business Models Playbox” to test alternative options, and the design of a “Strategic and Technological Roadmap” for the future of the company. We will use this Roadmap as a Strategic Platform to explore and make sense of new challenges and opportunities.We also offer companies the possibiity to explore what we call a Fast-Forward Future Deep Dives, allowing them to update their traditional strategy processes to ensure more robust, flexible, and agile strategies.


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Strategic Innovation for the Future 


We employ a systematic methodology to develop and implement novel ideas, processes, products, and business models. This approach is centered around ensuring your organization's long-term success and maintaining a competitive edge.

A Blend of Strategy, Foresight, and Innovation

  • “Scanning, Sensing, Acting”©

Our proprietary framework is the cornerstone of our methodology, enabling you to scan key driving forces, sense future scenarios, and act decisively.​

  • Cultivating a Culture of Innovation

We empower your organization to build an environment where creativity flourishes, and innovation becomes the norm.

  • From Insights to Actions

Learn to translate future insights and driving forces into strategic actions. Redesign business models and innovation processes to align with your strategic agenda and future goals.

Empowering Tools for Strategic Innovation

  • Business Models Playbox 

Experiment with various strategic options using our interactive Playbox, a toolkit designed for testing and refining business models.

  • Strategic Innovation Horizons 

Balance immediate operational needs with long-term strategic objectives. Our Three Horizons model helps you categorize and prioritize initiatives effectively

  • Strategic Roadmaps

Our roadmaps are more than planning tools; they are strategic platforms that help you make sense of new challenges and opportunities, fostering clear communication and execution of strategic initiatives.

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