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ORION AI Scanning & Intelligence Webinar

Join us for a webinar where we will explore and introduce you to the core functionalities and areas of ORION AI.

Date: 12th April, 2pm (Lisbon time)


ORION AI is a platform offering a comprehensive suite of Strategic Foresight and Intelligence databases and services. It seamlessly combines structured and curated data with the innovative capabilities of Generative AI. This integration enables users to detect, classify, and interpret a wide array of driving forces, insights, and signals of change, leveraging these elements as accelerators of future-oriented strategies and transformational journeys.

Key Features and Areas:

  • Megatrends Dashboard: Showcases 20 Megatrends providing insights into global  forces that are changing our future landscape. These can be further investigated through an exploration of more detailed trends, signals of change, and tensions, encompassing over 1400 driving forces.

  • ORION AI Assistant: A robust scanning and intelligence assistant, powered by Generative AI, designed to facilitate comprehensive searches, explorations, and in-depth analyses within the ORION databases.

  • Scanning, Sensing & Acting AI Copilot: Acts as a strategic foresight and innovation GenAI copilot, equipped to enhance and expedite the development of future-focused strategies and transformational journeys.

  • Futures Literacy Assistant: Offers thorough definitions and analyses of key principles and concepts related to Futures and Strategic Foresight, enhancing understanding and application.


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