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The post-pandemic era will be defined by the seamless integration of hybrid work models into the core business practices of organizations. A significant majority of workers want to retain the hybrid – or even fully remote – working practices experienced during the pandemic, rather than return to a business-as-usual mentality. Hybrid working practices within different organizations vary today, as the last stages of the pandemic properly begin to wane, but industries will probably tend to homogenize towards a uniform hybrid working structure. The Global Future of Work Report from 2022 shows that 40% percent of the workforce can be “productive anywhere”. This stake had interesting commonalities: These workers had more autonomy, positive mental health, a desire to participate in learning, advanced digital fluency that enabled them to evaluate and adopt technology to get the job done, strong social bonds at work, and work-life enhancement, which means that they felt their work added to their ability to enjoy other areas of their lives.

A uniform hybrid work-model


New organisations of work