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Not being able to travel reminded us all how important it is — for connecting with friends and family, for relaxing, for exploring new places and cultures. As travel reopened, people were eager to make up for lost time. Though many resumed some regular travel in 2021, the desire to travel continues to increase as we head into 2023. Nearly half (46%) of people say travel is more important to them now than it was pre-pandemic. And they’re putting their money where their mouth is: while 31% say their travel budget will be the same as it was last year, 43% are upping their budget for the coming year. The amount people travel is also increasing: 79% say they plan to take a leisure trip in the next year, up from 76% just a few months prior, with the average person saying they plan to take two leisure trips. This demand is reflected in data from across our travel websites as well. In the second quarter, between April and June of 2022, lodging bookings were the highest in Expedia Group history: gross bookings were up 8% from the second quarter of 2019. Vacation rental demand in 2021 surpassed 2019 numbers and continues to grow. In 2022, demand for all lines of lodging, transportation, and activities has been consistently higher than 2021.

Absence made the appetite for travel stronger


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