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AR lenses overlay real-time digital information onto the physical world. The simplest versions are social media filters and lenses, which often map details to faces. Snap says 75% of its community engages with AR every day, and usage of Snap lenses is up 85% year over year. HBO partnered with Snap to generate both a selfie and a landmarker lens to promote “House of the Dragon,” allowing virtual dragons to take to the skies of your neighborhood. Snap recently announced that it is introducing new tokens for lenses and filters to allow 300,000 creators and developers to monetize their AR work. Taking advantage of new LiDAR sensors in smartphones, brands like Ikea have developed more advanced AR filters to virtually place and model their furniture in your home, even allowing you to delete existing furniture and replace it with 3D models of a Poang chair. Lenses can even make sense of a pile of Legos to identify individual bricks and suggest blueprints for projects that make use of your collection.

AR lenses and filters


Extended Reality