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A synergistic approach to health and wellbeing is gaining traction among consumers seeking products that support both their physical and mental health. Consumers’ approach to health and wellbeing is increasingly intentional and mindful –with the goal of achieving balance across all parts of life, from the physical to the spiritual. They are more aware of how body performance, energy, keeping healthy and just “feeling good and happy” are attained through a synergistic approach to health and wellness—with an emphasis on eating well and a deep connection between physical and mental health.
Growth Opportunities:
• Inherently functional and sustainably sourced ingredients
• Nutrient-dense products specifically designed for vulnerable populations, including children and the elderly
• Purposeful indulgences (better-for-you and others) that allow for mental and physical self-care
• Sugar avoidance/reduction solutions via high quality, real food ingredients like fiber that align with wellness goals
• Value-oriented, widely available and scientifically studied wellness products to promote inclusiveness and trust

Balanced Wellness


Mindsets about health are changing