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Blurred boundaries between the physical world and the virtual world. People are in constant interaction with the digital environment, as virtual content can be combined with non-digital environments in various ways. Content previously viewed on the screen of a computer or smartphone is integrated into the sensor y experience when devices such as wearable lenses add a layer of augmented reality on top of the real world. If the user experience is highly personalized, very different experiences of reality can emerge. As physical and digital worlds continue to converge, we're witnessing the next online evolution. While yesterday’s web was dominated by websites and the infinite scroll of social media, the next iteration is defined by virtual worlds, metaverses and augmented realities. And even though the metaverse isn’t quite here yet, web3 and all of its implications are already impacting most frontiers of society, as 64% of consumers globally have already purchased a virtual good or taken part in a virtual experience or service. Crunch time is now.

Boundaries between the physical world and the virtual world


Extended Reality