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There’s no denying that cloud has come of age, with report after report highlighting its explosive growth. Our survey also shows high adoption rates, with NetOps respondents indicating that 94% of their networks support cloud-native deployments and 90% support distributed workloads across multiple clouds. But cloud isn’t the whole story. Even two years from now, 38% of NetOps and CloudOps respondents expect the majority of workloads will still be deployed on-premises. While this is slightly down from the 50% that currently deploy most of their workloads on-premises, it’s still a substantial chunk. And interestingly, this trend isn’t limited to network operations: CloudOps and DevOps agree on the ongoing need for on-premises infrastructure. There’s a similar trend toward moving network management to the cloud, with the growing adoption of SaaS and network-as-a-service models. But as with workloads, both CloudOps and NetOps still see a need for on-premises management for access and networking infrastructure. Nearly 65% of network operations currently deploy and manage their cloud access networks for providing user access to cloud resources in-house. 41% deploy and manage cloud provider connectivity in-house, and 43% deploy networking for hybrid cloud/edge in-house. While a large percentage of enterprise networks are still managed in-house with on-premises systems, management platforms that support an end-to-end cloud operating model can provide cloudlike benefits to the on-premises infrastructure. Since these platforms also offer easier lifecycle management and better integration possibilities between network and other IT platforms, we can expect their adoption to grow.

Cloud takes off, but on-premises stands firm


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