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As Earth endures more chaos, space will become a source of optimism, innovation and connection. Untainted by man, yet surrounding us like a starry comfort blanket, space will enjoy a more profound place in our psyche in the coming years. Space will symbolise hope amid the intensifying crises on Earth. The new space race will make space a signal of international cooperation. Led by upcoming missions from the US and China, humans will get new familiarity with the cosmos.Space will feel like less of a distant, unreachable entity; instead, it will be a destination for discovery and a display of the wonders of technology. The ramifications for food and drink will be manifested in new space-inspired technologies, such as water purification, migrating to the private sector; meeting the particular consumption needs of humans in space, including people on research missions and space tourists; and creating Earthly innovations from space travel findings, such as lunar minerals or zero-gravity dining.

Cosmic Comforts


Access to food is a priority