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China passed its New Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Plan with aggressive benchmarks to become the world’s dominant AI player within 10 years; France adopted a national strategy called AI for Humanity; Saudi Arabia has both a strategy and a legal framework for making robots citizens; and the United Arab Emirates has a sweeping set of policy initiatives on AI, and appointed H.E. Omar Sultan Al Olama as its minister of state for artificial intelligence. In the US, numerous public and private groups work independently on the future of AI on behalf of the nation, including the National Artificial Intelligence Initiative and the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence. Those efforts, however, lack interagency collaboration and coordinated efforts to streamline goals, outcomes, R&D efforts, and funding. A new wave of countries will launch national AI strategies this year. The OECD.AI Policy Observatory now maintains a live repository of more than 700 AI policy initiatives from 60 countries, territories, and the European Union.

Countries develop national AI strategies


Artificial Intelligence (AI)