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In the future, global, over-arching literacy will be of crucial importance – a mutual understanding of nuance in order to act and work civilized and cooperative across cultural borders. In light of growing global reach and interconnectedness, organizations will be required to enable operational variability across markets. This includes building the capacity to address context-specific challenges with local innovation and local leaders. As a result, global organizations need to rethink and differentiate in prices, products, service models, as well as office design and location. The key is to adapt global values to local culture to ensure operational efficiency and productivity are optimized, and outcomes and opportunities are fully realized. The challenge lies in considering cultural subtext across different markets while at the same time maintaining outward and inward brand consistency. Thus, large, growing companies will demand a particular formalization of their work. This will entail a degree of process standardization, where tasks and projects are structured and integrated in a seamless way.

Cultural alignment


The global workforce growth will ease