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Millennials and Generation Z not seldom reject the prospect of a career within one single field and are a lot more prone to frequent career-shifts along the duration of their working lives. What is today a growing trend will in the future become a dominant reality: a majority of employees will not expect to stay at an organization for the long run, unless truly convinced and incentivized otherwise. This coincides with the normalization of the gig economy, within which multiple, temporary jobs are preferred over tending to a single, steadier career. This rise in career-shifts is partly because Millennials and Gen Z identify with a more ‘liquid’ style of life: they defy to be defined by nationality, class, gender, personal interests, etc., and are instead far keener on temporariness and shapeshifting through contexts. Although this may cause problems for maintaining retention rates, it also means that younger generations are more malleable. Thus, not only is it necessary to quicken onboarding processes, but also to instill a company with a holistic vision. With younger generations eager to fast-track internal career-ladders, more instant, developmental career prospects will soon become a significant retainment mechanism.

Generational career-shifting


The global workforce growth will ease