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High resolution, low-weight VR headsets in combination with high-bandwidth connectivity and AI generated imagery will allow anyone to shop for everything from clothing to real estate from the convenience of their living room in a fun and highly efficient manner. Need a new outfit? Your AI knows your detailed body measurements and can whip-up a fashion show featuring multiple copies of your avatar wearing the latest 20 designs on a runway. Want to see how your furniture might look inside a house you’re viewing online? No problem, your AI can show you, and give you a tour. Perhaps more important than commerce is the impact these technologies will have on the future of collaboration and work. The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the workplace and sent the vast majority of employees home to work using Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Slack and other collaborative tools leading to their meteoric adoption and use. While functional, such first-generation collaboration technologies completely lacked the social elements of the traditional workplace, making them less than adequate. Driven by this innate human need, a new generation of virtual and fully-immersive collaboration environments will arrive mid-decade following the release of Apple’s AR/VR headset and the next generation META Oculus gear. Early versions of this virtual group workplace will enable you to choose your avatar and surrounding, interact with friends, co-workers and AI-bots. This Metatrend is enabled through the convergence of VR, machine learning, and high-bandwidth networks.

High-Resolution VR Will Reinvent Commerce & Collaboration


Extended Reality