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Humanoid Robots and Avatars are arriving. Functional and useful humanoid-robots and avatars will enter daily life this decade. They will look and operate like human beings with legs, arms, fingers and an opposable thumb, allowing them to navigate and interact with the anthropomorphic world around us. As described by Elon Musk in October of 2022 about the TeslaBot, named Optimus, “It will upend our idea of what the economy is... it will be able to do basically anything humans don’t want to do... it’s going to bring an age of abundance.” Musk went on to say that Teslabot, which will cost less than $20,000, will eventually become “more valuable than cars”. These robots are powered by AI and are enabled by the convergence of AI, robotics, sensors, material sciences, high bandwidth communications, and edge computing. In addition to these independent AI-driven robots, there is also a new generation of humanoid avatars that are remotely operated by humans wearing a VR headset and haptic suits. These avatars enable a remote human operator to feel like they are occupying the avatar event when operating from hundreds of miles away. These robots and avatars will help fulfill services jobs that are dull, dangerous, or dirty and will enable companies and entrepreneurs to have the labor they require during times of shortage.

Humanoid Robots & Avatars


Robots are becoming scalable