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Immersive shopping uses simulation-based technologies such as augmented and virtual reality to create interactive and highly personal shopping experiences. Beauty and fashion brands are leading the way with virtual try-on experiences, using smartphone cameras to project a product – such as lipstick or glasses – onto a live image of the shopper’s face or body. But the principle is also widely used in the homeware sector, with shoppers able to use Augmented Reality (AR) to see how items of furniture or accessories look in specific locations. Virtual showrooms bring the store to the shopper using AR or Virtual Reality (VR) visualizations. Virtual car showrooms are the early leaders, enabling potential customers to get up close and personal with vehicles before they make the journey to the dealership. Home appliance, fashion, and B2B brands are also exploring the opportunities presented by virtual showrooms. 3D modeling is an extension of the virtual showroom that uses simulation technologies to model a product or an entire space — think designing a full holographic kitchen or completely customizing a car. This technology is particularly valuable for people who want to immerse themselves in a space before making a high value purchase decision, such as investing in a remodel or buying a new house. AR presents opportunities for brands to bring new, exciting technology-driven experiences to brick and mortar stores. From interactive digital products overlayed on the real world, to immersive experiences that capture the essence of the brand, AR can enable the next generation of experiential retail that is more interactive and more engaging than traditional retail. Visual search allows people to use their smartphone to shop the world around them. By simply taking a photo of an item in the real world and doing a visual search, consumers can access information that’s available about it online – such as where they can buy it and how much it costs. They can also find similar or related products for comparison.

Immersive Shopping


Extended Reality