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If you’re looking for a break from the recent deluge of social selling and influencer marketing, get ready to be disappointed. Influencer marketing has dominated 2022 — 75% of marketers have used it and project to spend about $4.1 billion in the process — and 2023 promises more of the same. “The creator economy enables full-funnel marketing via influencer social posts and online comments and reviews,” says Englert. “This channel will continue to dominate and evolve, forcing marketing strategies to change.”Expect livestream shopping to become an even more integral part of that equation in the coming year as it delivers an entertaining, fun and interactive experience for consumers. “Younger generations find authenticity and trust in their peers and influencers,” says Tina Seitzinger, Senior Director of Influencer Marketing & Paid Social, “so we will see more brands partner with influencers through livestreaming to bring products to life, create conversations, answer questions and ultimately drive purchases.”As for the brands themselves? Those Forrester Consulting study respondents indicated they expect 2023 advertising strategies to be marked by more social media and digital advertising as well as improved website and digital presence.

Influencer marketing and social selling will dominate


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