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In addition to connecting human users, the growing terrestrial and satellite communication networks are also enabling the growth of the IoE (the Internet of Everything). Humanity is covering the planet in sensors. Health-related sensors on your body and in your body will be measuring your physiology 24x7. Sensors in your home will listen and watch, providing security and support. Industrial sensors will monitor every aspect of the supply chain and manufacturing will optimize production, efficiency and safety. Sensors in autonomous cars will visualize the roads and surroundings through cameras, LIDAR and radar, visualizing all activities in our cities and neighborhoods. Fleets of drones in the sky, and satellite constellations in Earth’s orbit will monitor every square meter of the Earth’s surface. Finally, forward-looking cameras on your AR (augmented reality) headsets will capture a permanent record of our activities and surroundings, what we eat and who we interact with. Today we are birthing a “trillion sensor economy” in which everything is being monitored, imaged and listened to at all times. This Metatrend is driven by the convergence of terrestrial, atmospheric, and space-based sensors, combined with machine learning and data networks. In this future, it’s not “what you know,” but rather “the quality of the questions you ask” that will be most important.

IoT/IoE - Trillion-Sensor Economy: The Ability to Sense and Know Anything, Anytime, Anywhere


Internet of Things