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Finding comfort in guilty pleasures and low-stakes pastimes. Unrestrained indulgence, comfort and escapism are in demand. Consumers are looking for balance in their media, food and leisure diets. Alongside a need for purposeful, healthy options, consumers are also making room for pursuits that have altogether less lofty, transformational goals at their heart. In fact, many activities once considered unserious, unhealthy or even low brow are nowadays viewed as worthwhile and even beneficial for relaxation, stress reduction and overall wellbeing – just look at the rise of casual social sports like pickleball and livestreamed gaming channels. By 2022, nearly 1 in 3 (31%) global consumers said they game as a self-care activity, while watching TV has become the number one activity consumers say they do to maintain their general wellbeing (source: Foresight Factory). Guilty pleasures are no longer enjoyed in secret – rather, their consumption will become a badge of honour in 2023.

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