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Workspaces are declining in size transforming into open and flexible office landscapes. Driven by the need to reduce costs and make the workplace more adaptive, standardized workspaces have become a norm. However, corporations that allow groups of workers to shape their office environment report greater productivity. The BYOD (bring your own device) phenomenon already allows users to resort to the input devices they are most comfortable with, but “bring your own workspace” (BYOW) would allow users to bring (or select) their own desk, chairs, and other amenities. Further, virtual workspace personalization via IT platforms and devices, including employees’ self-procured technology, could be one way to grant a sense of personal control over the workspace. Own non-stationary devices, in particular, will allow workers to develop local immersive work experiences, regardless of where they find themselves. With this, however, come new security challenges pertaining to data management, maintenance, et cetera – for the former, cloud-based security protocols will likely become the standard go-to approach.

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