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Camouflaged cabins, campfire cuisine and compasses; going off-grid will never be more sought after than in 2023. Nearly half (44%) of global travelers want their travel experiences to have a more back-to-basics feel to experience life with only the bare necessities, while 55% are looking for ‘off-grid’ style vacations to switch off and escape from reality. An increase in wilderness survival schools where travelers can learn these skills are predicted to pop up around the world. Expect to also see more eco-friendly, earthly stays springing up to accommodate burnt-out city dwellers searching for simplicity – as well as accommodations offering guidance for guests on how to be more self-sufficient, such as sourcing and preparing their own meals. Still, over half (53%) have a non-negotiable requirement: phone and internet connection at their destination is essential – so expect this cohort to be weathering the wilderness with 5G.

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