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“Work campaigns” or project-oriented work are becoming the norm, with workers operating as “free agents”, assembled on a project-by-project basis. Said campaigns will be much better suited for talents unwilling to be trapped in a “Sisyphus-like” work situations, flexible work arrangements are adopted as the accelerating pace of change pushes many companies to move from fixed to variable costs, including employees. High-level professionals are also choosing to work on a project basis for a variety of different companies in order to enhance their employability. An aging population will also contribute to the shift towards project-oriented work, as more than three-quarters of adults approaching retirement say they plan to continue working in some capacity. The advent of ad-hoc companies is also expected to fuel the popularity and spread of such formats – as in, companies that are created to complete a task or solve a problem, only to be dissolved shortly thereafter. This rings especially relevant as we enter an era of “post-corporate ethics”.

Rapid project deployment


Job Creation and Entrepreneurship