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Marketers stop chasing new features and start getting more strategic instead. The Frankensteining of the social networks continues. From Stories to Reels to Twitter’s ill-fated Fleets (remember those?), social media companies have spent much of the past decade tripping over themselves to copy their competitors’ most successful features. Some of the most popular social media apps have blatantly ripped off features f rom some of the other most popular social media apps in what Gizmodo has called a tech version of Capture the Flag “where the only losers are the users who are forced to persist through this cat-and-mouse game.” But this game has not only come at the expense of user experience but also at the expense of the sanity of social media marketers, whose work lives now revolve around constantly adapting their plans to new formats, repurpos-ing content, and wondering when the next network change will upend their carefully orga-nized campaign.

Social innovators crack the cross-posting code


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