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Consumers are demanding formulations that help them optimise their mental performance at work, home and play. Nutrition will be a valued tool for cognitive health management that helps power people in their jobs, hobbies and leisure time. Consumers will look for food and drink that influence cognitive capacity, manage stress levels and optimise brain function.Focus and productivity are the latest mental and emotional well-being functionalities that consumers are seeking. Consumer interest in brain health benefits has been growing, as shown by Mintel’s 2021 Global Food and Drink Trend ‘Feed the Mind’.The next few years will see brands promoting the brain boosts available from familiar energising ingredients, such as caffeine, and plant-based ingredients like fruits, vegetables and legumes. Going forward, research will be needed to prove to consumers that the range of natural and functional ingredients from B vitamins to nootropics deliver on their cognitive health promises.

Staying Sharp


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