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The success of purpose-driven technology innovation will depend on expanded public-private collaboration. New and emerging technology innovation in advanced robotics, quantum and supercomputing, and artificial intelligence will completely reshape industries. In response, governments must adopt agile structures to frame strategic priorities for focused innovation, identify which capabilities are priorities, and foster the right mix of incentives for sustainable public-private investment across entire innovation ecosystems. While many governments and industries are successfully developing and scaling up new technologies, it is imperative that competition yields positive overall benefits for people and the environment. Governments should prioritize strategic technologies that spur economic growth and address national and local challenges. Public-private collaboration can help realize such ambitions, and establish robust national innovation ecosystems that encourage startup communities, leverage academia, and build stronger links across networks and borders. The success of mission-oriented and purpose-driven approaches to technology innovation will depend on expanded public-private collaboration and dialogue - to help solve problems and imagine possibilities that genuinely matter to people and the planet. Through effective policies, governments can foster sustainable investment, development, and adoption of new technologies. In particular, significant benefits can be derived from government funding during the early stages of testing, piloting, and early scaling - when headwinds can be especially strong. This can be enabled through greater diversity in innovation, across companies, sectors, and geographies, in ways that empower all parts of a society to create new value. At the same time, actively managing the effects that innovation can have on people, such as changing in the ways they work, can help foster new skillsets fit for the jobs of the future, and lead to higher productivity and greater economic output. Priorities for collaboration: -Provide the right mix of economic incentives for companies undertaking R&D underpinning sustainable technology innovation; -Use mission-oriented R&D to boost public-private collaboration; -Develop agile technology governance frameworks and mindsets to instil confidence and provide flexibility to stakeholders.

Strategic Development of New Technologies


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