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Normalising stigmatised topics and confronting hard truths. Rebelling against perfection is a battle against stigma. And enthusiastic destigmatisation means praise of what can be considered less-than-perfect, like Miss England contestant Melisa Raouf proudly competing without wearing makeup – the first contestant to ever do so. But being evasive or lying about actively working to improve your appearance is also being challenged, such as by Joe Jonas openly discussing how he uses injectables in his face. Since consumers feel freer to look however they want to, they are now also speaking more freely about it – there is no more fear of oversharing. 3 in 5 (59%) global consumers agree “it’s healthy for me to talk about difficult subjects”, and 7 in 10 believe that “people should try to talk more openly about difficult subjects to make them less taboo”.

Tackling Taboo


Radical Transparency