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Space travel was not the final will enter the ever-evolving virtual space of the Metaverse in 2023 – and a world of infinite adventure awaits. Nearly half (43%) of global travelers report that they will be turning to virtual reality in 2023 to inspire their vacation choices. Over a third (35%) of travelers are keen to embark on a multi-day VR travel experience; and this will be more than just ‘try before you buy.’ In a year when Metaverse worlds will begin replicating and reimaging destinations, travelers will no longer be limited by physics and can experiment with different travel experiences. Travelers will also become bolder in their real-life trip choices, after being able to visit them in the Metaverse first via their online avatars – especially handy for those who might feel anxious about trying somewhere new: 46% are more likely to travel to destinations that they wouldn’t have previously considered after virtually experiencing them. While the Metaverse will offer a new way to experience travel in 2O23, it won’t stop people from booking a ticket to their next destination, with 60% agreeing that a virtual experience is not fulfilling enough to check it off the bucket list.

Virtual Voyagers


The new Space Race