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A Brief History of Futures Studies and Foresight

Futures Studies and Foresight integrate the principles, concepts, tools and frameworks that empowers individuals and organizations to engage in processes of anticipating, exploring and imagining the future in an organized, structured and systematic way that should be useful or have some sort of value

Given the fact that we are living in a highly uncertain, turbulent, complex and fast-changing world, Foresight it’s becoming one of the most powerful activities and competencies that individuals and organization should learn and practice.

Regardless the hype and excitement that we can see around this field in the last years it is critical to have in mind that we have an amazing history that was built and crafted by a broad group of researchers, practitioners and institutions for more than 60 years.

These remarkable people and institutions built the foundations of this field that forms the basis upon which the new generation is designing and exploring the future of Futures.

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