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IF Insight & Foresight is member of the Global Futures Society

IF Insight & Foresight is now one of the foundational members of the Global Futures Society (GFS)!

We had the honor of be at the public presentation of the GFS at the Global Futures Forum, organised by the DUBAI FUTURE FOUNDATION at the Museum of the Future, with the presence of the Crown Prince of Dubai, HH Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

This marks a significant milestone in our journey since we want to to be connected with the most important and global networks in the field. Our commitment to futures thinking and strategic foresight is now part of a larger, global initiative to shape a better future. We are proud to join forces with leading thinkers and innovators worldwide to contribute our expertise to this visionary endeavor.

The Global Futures Society

Based at the Museum of the Future, the 'Global Future Society' was established as a global network of futurists, aiming to boost collaboration with key foresight organisations, and fosters international dialogue for a better future.


The objectives of the Global Futures Society can be summarized in the following 4 topics:

  • Enabling global foresight networks to collaborate, share expertise, and foster a global perspective.

  • 2. Becoming the premier platform for engaging, consulting, and co-creating with futurists and foresight institutions.

  • Establishing new partnerships that make the Museum of the Future an incubator for global foresight institutions and experts.

  • Establishing an open forum for international foresight dialogue and a home for futurists from across the globe.

Main Pillars
  • International partnerships to boost research aligned with Dubai Future Foundation’s mandate

  • Helping GFS members approach a wider audience through their effective

  • trainings and courses

  • Advocate for global foresight culture

GFS Foundational Members

About the Dubai Future Foundation:

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