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IF Insight & Foresight joins the the World Economic Forum's 'Strategic Foresight Network'

Our Founder & CEO Paulo Carvalho and IF Insight & Foresight joins the World Economic Forum's 'Strategic Foresight Network'!

We are thrilled to share that we are one of the founding members of the World Economic Forum's newly established 'Strategic Foresight Network'.

This pioneering network is part of the WEF's ambition to foster a worldwide community of forward-thinking professionals. The purpose is to cultivate an environment that accelerates and enhances the practice of foresight and future-preparedness. 

The 'Strategic Foresight Network' will be publicly presented in Davos in January 2024 and will be a unique platform that brings together expertise from both public and private sectors, enabling us to envision and shape a better future.

Stay tuned for updates from Davos and insights into our work at the Strategic Foresight Network. Let's embrace the future together!

Learn more about the Strategic Foresight Network:

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